Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

What do you do with all your Halloween candy?? My kiddos have so much loot that there is no way they are going to eat it all. People do not give only one piece of candy these days. The kids were getting 2-3 pieces per house. Crazy!

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is quickly is time to think about holiday gifts this year.  I love homemade, from the heart gifts and with money being tight for everyone this year they are even better! So I am looking for some great ideas!

Last year I made these of the kids for the grandparents and a very special aunt.

Everyones set was different in some way. I tried to match their personality or their house style with the frames and background. These are in our house and I LOVE them. Pretty, thoughtful and cheap!

Interested in making some of your own?

I took a profile picture of each child and enlarged them. I carefully cut around each profile and traced the cut out on black cardstock. I used nice cardstock - non fading, acid free, etc. Then very very carefully I cut out the profile on the black cardstock.

Using scrapbook tape I adhered them to scrapbook paper and framed them. Easy! :) My mom actually teared up when she opened them. That was thank-you enough.

Please share your posts of any holiday ideas you may have. Please post in your blogs and direct some more friends over here. Hopefully we will get some wonderful ideas!


  1. What a great idea! I will have to work on some ideas to put here. I hope you keep this up for a bit as I am lazy!

  2. Love your gift idea and you blog is nice...NICE! We are working on gift ideas, but haven't gotten them posted yet.

  3. Oh! I LOVE how you did those profile art pieces! Just perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I so look forward to doing silhouette shots of my kiddies {once I actually have any, lol}!

    I love what you did with them. They're gorgeous in those frames over that shelf!


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