Monday, November 16, 2009


We are having to say good-bye to one of our fur-babies. Our dog Tucker has been sick for a long time now but hanging in there. He has many issues but most having to do with his thyroid and seizures he has.  He is only 10 years old.


This is Tucker last year. Look at that sweet face. He is the most loyal dog I have ever know.

Tucker chose me when he was a puppy. I had gone to look at the sheltie puppies with an “ideal” look in my mind. Tucker had an almost all white face as a puppy and was adorable but not what I had pictured. So after lovin on all the puppies and watching their little personalities this little dog kept coming over to me and sitting right  on top of my feet. Every time I would stop walking there he was perched there looking up at me.

He knew.

He knew I was his person. Finally I laughed and said, “I think this little guy picked me!” and I was right. Tucker has been such a joy to have in my life. He LOVED to run in the sprinkler just like a little kid. He would run and jump through it barking and enjoying life to the fullest. He LOVED tennis balls and would always have one in his mouth. Tucker would play ball until your arm just could not throw it any more. He was sweet and gentle when I had my children. Content to take a backseat for awhile and let me be a mommy. Then when the kids were old enough…he had playmates and loved them with all his heart.

Tucker is a good soul.

Tomorrow I will have to put Tucker to sleep and I am hurting. I always told the vet that if he was in pain and did not have a quality life left to let me know…even if I was in denial. Well, last night Tucker had a really hard night. He has had them before but then always seems to get “better”. Today he has not. The vet gave me some valium to ease his pain a bit and make him more comfortable through the night.

I am spending the day with my furry little guy and letting him know how much he has brought to my life.


  1. My heart goes out to you. That is such a hard decision to make. I just took our girl in to have her spayed and I feel bad putting her in such pain. I know it doesn't help to say he will be better off. Just remember all the good times you had with him and the love. Such a sweet looking boy!

  2. So sorry for your loss. Stopping by to say Good Morning as I visit SSS participants. Have a great day!

  3. Oh Sam I am sitting here crying...Tucker is adorable and I know this is a hard decision....hugs darlin


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