Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drop Cloth Curtains

I am sure you have seen these by now. They seem to be everywhere. I LOVE them!! They are made with painters drop cloths. The have the look of linen and remind me of the curtains in Pottery Barn. I bought mine at Home Depot. Painters drop cloths are all different so you have to look at them.
I washed mine several times and dried them with dryer sheets to make them softer. They also have a terrible smell to them when you first take them out of the package so you have to wash them.
I already had the black curtain rods so all I needed to purchase was the black curtain rings.  I am so happy with them!


  1. Those look so full and luxurious. Great Job!

  2. I love the dropcloth curtains! They look great!


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