Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shower Wall into a White Board

This is our second year of home schooling and I have been wanting a large white board to use with the kids. After shopping around I realized there is just no way I could spend that much money on a white board! Then I remembered when I was teaching I would use the large white laminate shower walls from Home Depot and have them cut into 12” X 12” squares for the students. (Home Depot will cut them for free!)
So why not have them cut them into large pieces?? Off I went to pick one up. I had them cut it into thirds. Perfect! Here is one of the pieces.
Since we are now homeschooling in our dining room I did not want to just attach it to the wall like this so my husband picked up some crown molding and made a frame attached right to the board. I LOVE it!!!
Here is the after shot. I had such a hard time getting my camera to take a photo with all that white so I had to include other “wall space” in the picture! :)

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  1. The molding makes it look great. Well done!

  2. I love the idea of shower board and the frame really dresses it up. Thanks for linking!

    Andy @ Poppies at Play

    p.s. I really love the look of your blog! Very cute!

  3. I used the "little white boards" in my classroom too! your White board looks great!

  4. Great idea - thanks for sharing with us.

  5. That's a really great idea! We are also in our 2nd year of homeschooling. I use my childhood chalkboard with the kids~I spruced it up with some fresh chalkboard paint:)

  6. Nice trimmed out with molding and great reuse or recycling of something.


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