Friday, January 1, 2010

The Marshmallow Experiment

This is hilarious! You have to watch it if you need a good laugh to start your New Year!

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  1. Funny! I think the background here is that the 'Marshmallow Test' is from the book "Emotional Intelligence" which asserts that being smart is only PART of what can make a person successful. The book claims that people with high emotional intellegence will be the most successful. The 'Marshmallow Test' tests a child's ability to grasp the concept of 'delayed gratification'.

    We joke about the 'Marshmallow Test' all the time around our house. More than once either myself or the Hubs has reported to each other that we "ate the marshmallow"- meaning we didn't wait for the smartest moment to do/buy something we wanted.

    Funny video!


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