Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poop Happens

As I was sitting here early this morning, curled up on the couch, snuggled in my chenille blanket, computer on my lap, coffee in one hand and slowly waking up on this cold day…I heard these words, “Mommy there is poop on the stairs!”

I think maybe I did not hear that correctly. “WHAT?”, I yell from my cozy spot. Please be wrong, please be wrong, please be wrong I pray. “There is a piece of POOP on the stair! Ewww!”, yells my 4 year old.

DARN IT! So there goes my morning coffee.

I go to look and sure enough there it is!

I have to clean up the stair and not only that stair but I have to disinfect ALL of the stairs, the hall and every place around the poop that in my mind a germ may have floated. I have OCD. Just a little bit! ;) Now after all the cleaning and disinfecting of course I have to shower immediately.

So here I sit over an hour later having my morning coffee. Ahhhhh

In a house full of 3 dogs (was 4 until a couple months ago), 3 cats and 2 kids my life is full of poop. My husband always jokes with me that I should write a book about it. I am always cleaning up after someone! Now any mom out there has been doing something important or something relaxing and heard the words, “Mommy I’m done….” You know the voice. You know the words. You know what “done” means.

So there it is…My life of Poop. Now…off to write my book!

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  1. I am sorry BUT LOL....ooooh how I remember the days!


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