Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hooked on Vintage Handkerchiefs

I am participating in Hooked on Fridays over at Hooked on Houses for the very first time. I have been reading the blog for years and loving all the different links every week. Sadly this is my first time participating but also the last time for Hooked on Fridays. I am sure there are many more exciting things to come over there!

I am hooked on vintage handkerchiefs! This is a photo of the window in my laundry room. I use the term room lightly. It is more of a laundry space...but it does have a small window and I thought this look was perfect. They are hung on the line with small clothespins from Michaels. I am sure they can be found at any craft store.

Now be sure to leave a comment and introduce yourself. :)


  1. Thanks for visiting my place. I was born and raised in High Point: Kepley's BBQ is in my chromosomes with a dash of Stamey's, and Lexington BBQ. But it's nearly all good as long as its pork. (You can get help for that Quiche problem.)

  2. Thank you for visiting me at Seasons for All at Home, and thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment. I love vintage handkerchiefs, too! Those you've hung in your window remind me of a handkerchief quilt I purchased several years ago. It is refreshing and charming, just like your window treatment -- and the artwork for your new blog! ~Arleen

  3. I love the handkerchiefs!!
    I'm sad to see Hooked on Fridays come to an end as well!
    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hi Sam!

    Thanks for visiting me at Imparting Grace.

    Congratulations on your blog--what a bright, pretty place you have here!

    I like vintage handkerchiefs, too, although I never would have thought to use them as you did. How clever--and how pretty! Perfect for your laundry space.

    I see from your profile that you're from North Carolina. I live in Durham. We're not NC natives, but we've lived here for nearly eight years now and we really do like it.

    Nice to meet you!

  5. Thanks for dropping by!!! I love the vintage scarfs and your kitty in the window.

    I have a giveaway that ends today... stop by if you are interested.


  6. What a lovely hanky collection. Very pretty!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  7. You have put together a very cute window treatment for your laundry area. I moved back to Oklahoma a few years ago from Charlotte, N.C., and boy do I miss it. I loved living out there. I am visiting via your link at Decisionally Challenged. You have a nice blog going-keep up the good work!


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