Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homeschool in the Dining Room

Where do you homeschool? We are lucky enough to have a guest room upstairs that I though would make a wonderful school room. Being an elementary teacher in my previous life...I have a lot of "stuff". I had these fairy tale dreams of going up to the school room every day with my kiddos, happy and ready to learn. Yeah right! Between the crying, whining and finally yelling to get up into the school room I realized this was not working the way I had dreamed it would.

Now don't get me wrong...having a room to keep all your crap educational materials out of sight is wonderful BUT not practical. I needed to be in the heart of our home just as much as the kids did. I wanted to be able to pour a 3rd or 4th cup of coffee without having to run downstairs. I wanted to get lunch or dinner ready while they were finishing up their work. That does not happen when you leave the kids upstairs to finish on their least not in my house.

SO...I am moving a lot of our things into the dining room for a trial run. I am torn. I love my dining room. It is my pretty place. I love that it is neat, clean and NOT full of toys. In all honesty we use the dining room about 2 times a year. Really? A room that I keep neat, clean and pretty to be used 2 times all year long??? What a waste. I am not ready to put the posters on the walls or move everything down there just yet but we are giving it a try. It has only been a couple days but it is working so much better.

So...where do you homeschool??


  1. well i dont homeschool-really my kids barely listen to me as it is LOL I admire those of you that do my bestie homeschools and her dining room is her room of choice for many of the same reasons you listed and i love going to her house it is always so lively with one of the kids making something or writing-I think the dining room is a great option

  2. we homeschool in our dining room, but our dining room is an open plan right infront of the open kitchen, so everything is kind of 'out there'. I store everything in the family room in a big closet and on a shelf next to the closet and then we carry our books over to the dining table. I kind of like learning in the middle of our living.


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