Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Crafts with Kids

Today we are working with Crayola Model Magic. It is a wonderful soft clay that is easy for kids to mold and shape. Air dries so there is no need for the oven. Only problem is the kids love playing with it so much that it starts to dry after a couple hours of play! LOL :) It does not dry rock hard but you are able to paint it if you choose. When I was teaching elementary school we used this all the time for projects. Now I am using this with my kids! I am making son is making hammerhead sharks and my daughter is making "potions". The camera battery is charging but here are some neat photos of other Halloween crafts. This one is from Family Fun magazine (which I LOVE by the way). Here is the link for these adorable little guys.

I did this one with the kids last year. We put them around the tree in our front yard...not as easy as it looks. My ghosts kept falling down in the wind. Oh and the rain...forget it! These are also from Family Fun Magazine. Click here for directions.

And as usual Better Homes and Gardens always has wonderful ideas!! Here are a few...Click here.

Very cool and look easy enough to make without a lot of money spent! :)

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  1. good morning-stopping by & visiting some of the SSS girls this morning! love the wheelbarrow idea-my kids would think it so cool!


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