Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting to Know You Sunday



The questions..

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless? Hairless…some hair is good but not full fur! ;)

2. How often do you run red lights? Never
3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid? Um…that is a hard one! Reese Witherspoon!
4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog? My blog
5. What makes you feel sexy? When I actually get time to dress up, go out and spend time with just my husband.
6. I get excited when...........? I get excited when I get new clothes, time with friends, vacation…
7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"? Probably more indoorsy although I love to garden, camp, fish… 
8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars? I would take the money! I could design my dream home for way less than a million! :)

Your turn! Head over to Mann Land for some more fun!


  1. Hello- I jumped here from my friend Emily's blog- Tribalmama....

    I had to laugh though about #1... my honey is the exact opposite- and I love him for it. :)

    Way too cute answers... Nice to meet ya!- now following

  2. Hi, found you through Blog Frog and wanted to say, your blog is adorable! :)

  3. I found you from BlogFrog; I'm following you,
    would love to get follow back at;

    Thanks for sharing.


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